Colostrino is a nutritional supplement containing high-quality goat colostrum which has been processed by freeze-drying, i.e., lyophilisation (the removal of moisture). It’s a gentle process that enables Colostrino to maintain the important characteristics of fresh colostrum. Continuous checks and the maintenance of strict conditions are performed to ensure the high quality of the product. The goat’s milk comes from Slovak and Moravian farms.


Colostrum (beestings) is a liquid secreted by the mammary glands of milk-producing animals three to five days after labour. Colostrino is produced from goat’s milk and contains goat colostrum. The role of colostrum is to use the ready-made antibodies of the mother goat to protect its new-born offspring from infections, support the creation of their immune system, and provide them with important nutrients which boost growth and healthy development. Goats produce more colostrum than the baby goats can consume. This colostrum is used for the production of Colostrino, and when taken regularly it boosts immunity, helps to regenerate muscles, and improves digestion in the human body as well. It’s suitable for children above three years of age.


Colostrum contains all important substances improving the correct and healthy functioning of the body.

These are the most precious substances contained in colostrum. Their task is to boost the body’s immunity. They are antibodies that bind to antigens and thus prevent the pathogens from entering the body’s cells and damaging them. After binding to the antigens, the destruction mechanisms of the cells, especially of phagocytes, can be activated, leading to the attacking and destruction of foreign substances.

Proteins are a part of all processes in the body both on the cellular and extracellular level. They are the fundamental building blocks of cells and muscle fibres. They also serve the purpose of renewing and regenerating cells, muscles, inner organs, and tissue. They form the basis for the immune system and hormonal regulation.

Fats are the basic component of cellular structure. They form the most important form of energy storage in the body. They are used to produce some hormones (e.g., sex hormones), bile acids, and other important substances. Fats aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K).

The burning of carbohydrates (sugars) releases energy that is used by the body for all living processes. Polysaccharides like cellulose and chitin are the building blocks of many supporting structures.

With some exceptions, the human body cannot produce vitamins by itself, so it needs to get them from food. They are indispensable for the body as catalysts of biochemical reactions. If the body does not have enough vitamins, it fails to function correctly, which can lead to serious diseases.

To grow and develop, the body needs twenty-two different minerals that it cannot produce by itself. They are the building blocks of bones and teeth, and they control balance in the body as well as the activity of the heart and the digestive system. They regulate the metabolism and are essential for the optimal functioning of nerves and muscles.

These are small immunity molecules called messenger molecules. Clinical studies show that what is most important is their normalising effect on immunity. This means that they stimulate weakened immune mechanisms and suppress excessive immune mechanisms.

Amino acids serve many important functions in the body. They are the building blocks of proteins, and they aid growth and regeneration, boost metabolism, and protect the body from many poisonous substances (toxins).

100% kozie kolostrum 100mg

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